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Tuesday, 10 September, 2013

The Earthmover & Civil Contractor (EMCC) has been the leading information resource for Australia’s earthmoving and civil construction industries over much of its 50 year history, with a monthly magazine, weekly electronic news, and the industry bible Plant Specs in their publishing suite, there is no media outlet better positioned to keep the industry up to date about what will be happening at the next CME.

As the official magazine of the Civil Contractors Federation, EMCC enjoys unparalleled levels of access to the industry and delivers regular news updates free of charge through its online portal - - and a weekly electronic news brief which is delivered to your inbox every Thursday following a simple registration process on our website.

New Equipment is a regular feature in both the monthly magazine and the free weekly enews, bringing you information on a broad spectrum of the latest technologies that are available to meet the needs of contractors.

And if you want to compare the technical specifications of all available models in a particular equipment category, then Plant Specs Online is a powerful tool that will allow you to select and directly compare the equipment models you’re interested in. You can even produce a report in PDF or MS Excel format, so that you can circulate the information for input or feedback.

So when CME is not in town, or if you can’t make it over to the West Coast for the show, The Earthmover & Civil Contractor has you covered with all the latest news and information about the upcoming event and all of the latest equipment in the marketplace.

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